Dr. Kevin Scott

Dr. Kevin Scott

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My research interests are primarily involved in assessing the impacts of natural and anthropogenic stressors on marine organisms and habitats with a particular focus on renewable energy and fisheries. The main themes I am interested in are:

  • Quantifying fishing pressures on key model species and understanding behavioural and physiological adaptations developed by commercially important species
  • Understanding the impacts of anthropogenic stressors on species and ecosystem levels with an aim to inform policy and industrial practices
  • Developing and testing alternative materials derived from the marine environment
  • Working to improve the EIA process with regards to offshore renewable energy
  • Artificial habitat design and in-depth behavioural analyses of the European lobster, Homarus gammarus
  • Impacts of electromagnetic fields from subsea cables on elasmobranchs and marine invertebrates
  • Development of marine bioplastics to aid the fishing industry
  • Assessing fisheries within a voluntary marine reserve
  • Renewable energy multi-stressor assessment on commercially important marine invertebrates
  • Scott, K., Harsanyi, P., Easton, B.A., Piper, A.J., Rochas, C. and Lyndon, A.R., 2021. Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from Submarine Power Cables Can Trigger Strength-Dependent Behavioural and Physiological Responses in Edible Crab, Cancer pagurus (L.). Journal of Marine Science and Engineering9(7), p.776.
  • Scott, K., Piper, A. J. R., Chapman, E. C. N., and Rochas, C. M. V., 2020. Review of the effects of underwater sound, vibration and electromagnetic fields on crustaceans. Seafish Report.
  • Scott, K., Harsanyi, P. and Lyndon, A.R., 2018. Understanding the effects of electromagnetic field emissions from Marine Renewable Energy Devices (MREDs) on the commercially important edible crab, Cancer pagurus (L.). Marine pollution bulletin131, pp.580-588.
  • Scott, K., Harsanyi, P. and Lyndon, A.R., 2018. Baseline measurements of physiological and behavioural stress markers in the commercially important decapod Cancer pagurus (L.). Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology507, pp.1-7.
  • PhD Understanding the biology of two commercially important crustaceans in relation to fisheries and anthropogenic impacts, Heriot Watt University (2019)
  • MRes Marine and Freshwater Ecology and Environmental Management, University of Glasgow, UK (2011)
  • BSc (Hons) Applied Marine Biology, Heriot Watt University (2009)

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