Our Facilities

The Marine Station is located on the harbour-side at St Abbs, consisting of a two-storey building with a laboratory on the ground floor and office space above, an adjoining research aquarium with floor space of 275 square metres (roof-top view on the right, top picture) and, within the same self-contained site, a separate 100,000 litre mesocosm facility (on the left).

St Abbs Marine Station has:

1. Twin intake pipes and state-of-the-art distribution system to provide the entire facility with a continuous supply of raw sea water

2. Provision of mechanically filtered and UV sterilized seawater when required for experimental purposes

3. A research aquarium with a clear roof to allow natural light throughout the research area

4. A minimal magnetic and electro-magnetic footprint which has been achieved by the use of non-ferrous (GRP) materials

5. A 100,000 litre capacity mesocosm tank which is 4 metres deep and has 3 acrylic viewing windows each of 4.8 square metres and an indoor viewing area

6. A microalgae photobioreactor

7. Custom-built insulated fibreglass tanks with built-in heat-exchange panels allowing for chilling or heating through a centrally controllable system

8. Field access through well established shuttle-diving charter businesses operating a stones-throw away from the station