The University of Edinburgh collaboration

In 2020, St Abbs Marine Station began a five year collaboration with the University of Edinburgh to develop the facility’s potential by conducting research, conservation and educational activities to ensure more sustainable use of the seas and marine ecosystems.

A joint working group has been established, chaired by Professor Murray Roberts and involving researchers from the Schools of Geosciences and Biological Sciences, the Roslin Institute, and the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. The diverse scientific expertise of the joint working group members across the partnering institutes will develop research with scientific excellence in the following areas –

“As we stand poised at the start of the United Nations decade of ocean science for sustainable development, we have compelling evidence that the oceans are changing faster than at any time in geological history. We have to develop practical plans to manage how we use the seas and restore marine ecosystems that have been degraded by destructive fishing practices or polluted by oil spills, sewage or plastic waste.”
Professor Murray Roberts, Director of Research and Chair of the Joint Working Group between the University and St Abbs Marine Station

Who’s involved?

Prof. Murray Roberts

Director of Research &
Chair of the Joint Working Group

Dr. Sebastian Hennige

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Kristina Beck

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Tim Bean

Research Fellow

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