Our Facilities Test

Natural Setting

The facility consists of a research aquarium with a floor area of 275m2, plus adjoining laboratory, office space, and a detached 100,000 litre mesocosm. The aquarium was designed to facilitate changing environmental conditions. A clear roof enables the aquarium to experience the natural photoperiod and subtle changes in lighting, whilst shade netting and ventilation though wooden slats in the walls allows the internal air temperature to remain close to the external. The aquarium is extremely versatile and able to cater to many different needs and uses.

Access to sea animals

The Marine Station is located on the edge of the harbour which gives easy field access to the intertidal and inshore environment. There are several boat charter businesses operating out of St Abbs allowing further access to the environment. The Marine Station has a good relationship with the local fishing boats and fish wholesaler which allows for easy animal collection from the local environment.